Review: First Yoga Retreat in Raitenhaslach

On October 02 - 04, 2020 the Kulturbüro of the city of Burghausen organised their first Retreat at the TUM Science & Study Center Raitenhaslach and in the sports hall of DJK-SV-Raitenhaslach. The weekend in the name of yoga, meditation and mindfulness was received with great enthusiasm and guests wish for a repetition.

The fist yoga course in the baroque main hall of TUM Science & Study Center Raitenhaslach (Picture: Kulturbüro der Stadt Burghausen / Robert Banfic)

Change of perspective: Yoga positions on the old marble floor under the baroque ceiling fresco in the main hall of TUM Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach. (Picture: Kulturbüro der Stadt Burghausen / Robert Banfic)

Especially well received by the participants were the historical rooms of the former Cistercian monastery. It is not every day that one has a marble floor from the 18. Century under ones yoga mat and also a view of a beautiful baroque ceiling fresco. Today’s TUM Science & Study Center, in monastery times having been center of religion, spirituality, science and art, proved to be a most suitable venue for the retreat. As a recreational break in routine far off the familiar environment, in favour of relaxation and stress relief.

The city of Burghausen could engage top-class instructors for the courses. The units were designed as an open level, so that beginners, advanced participants and professionals could equally benefit from the offer. Hence it was very well received, the courses were completely booked out and the retreat was a successful weekend event.